Subdecay Quasar Quantum Phaser

Brand: Subdecay
Product Code: SUB009
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Strap in, set your coordinates and propel your sound in to space. Turn on the Quantum Quasar and transmit the swirling fields of energy through your signal chain.

The Quantum Quasar stands out defiantly in a category dominated by similarity and long standing tradition. Phasers can do so much more! The lush watery sounds are still there with the sine and triangle LFO shapes, but the options transverse the customary norms. Other LFOs offer distinguished nuances to unapologetic "in your face" madness.

Simple, yet complex, like our other quantum series pedals you get maximum versatility from a minimum of controls. The prominent shape control (missing from most other phasers) molds the sweep with six distinctly different functions, expanding your sonic options by cosmic proportions. The speed control ranges from slow and orbital to accelerated quantum vibrations. Regen controls the timbre of the effect ranging from subtle vibe to near osscilation bandpass filtering.

This all analog VCA based phaser entangles your guitar signal with quantum magic. Designed with both clean and overdriven sounds in mind, the Quantum Quasar stands out, but easily integrates with other effects. Placed after an overdrive, you hear the entire audio spectrum churning in a whirlpool of modulation.

It also works well before overdrive. With this arrangement the regen control is especially useful going beyond routine feedback found in other phasers. Past the 2:00 mark the effect starts to cut the dry signal and pushes the phaser peaks to near oscillation. This helps the effect really shine through whatever amount of overdrive gain that follows.


Shape- Selects six different LFO shapes to modulate the phaser.

Sine- Sounds great for vibe tones, especially at medium to higher speeds.

Triangle- The classic LFO shape for most phasers offering smooth balance modulation.

Triangle/Square- A slow triangle with a faster square LFO as well.

Mixing jagged steps with a more traditional sound.

Random sample/hold- Completely random step modulation.

8 step- Similar to the random LFO, but arranged in an 8 step triangle sequence.

16 step- Similar to 8 Step, but a longer sequence.

Speed- Controls the phaser modulation speed.

Regen- Controls the feedback and intensity of the effect.