Caroline Guitar Company Haymaker Dynamic Overdrive Pedal

Brand: Caroline Guitar Company
Product Code: CHM006
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Does the world really need another overdrive pedal? The world never really needed any - but you'll want this one. Starting with glassy, transparent drive to classic crunch tones that feel like an extension of your amplifier, the Caroline Guitar Company Haymaker Pedal. Based on the mode you choose, your settings and how hard you dig in with your pick attack, you'll find an incredible array of tones. This is why it's called a "dynamic drive". Now go hit them with everything AND the kitchen sink!


Mode A is set for classic soft clipped overdrive, but with extra bass and gain available on top

Mode B is less compressed with more volume, and capable of clear, powerful output for slamming an amp

Mode C is hard clipped drive, capable of going into distorted and fuzzy textures at higher gain settings

PUNCH controls the amount of gain and drive in the circuit.

More punch = more crunch

SHAPE refines the frequency response and amount of grit. Think of it as controlling how much "hair" is in the drive

STACKS is a low-pass filter that controls the amount of high-end treble content in the distorted output

The SPEAKER is the overall effected volume. Consider yourself warned - this pedal has a LOT of volume on top (especially in Mode B)