Ramble Fx Marvel Drive

Brand: Ramble Fx
Product Code: RFX001
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Anyone who has had the pleasure of plugging into a four-hole vintage Marshall knows the age-old secret of bridging the inputs. The yin and yang spicy crunch blend can be seasoned to taste with just two controls. Volume 1 can be dialed in for sizzle and slice, while Volume 2 controls body and heft. This salt and pepper tone dialing experience gives you immediate control of all the essential guitar frequencies, without having to faff about with a troublesome tone stack. It is amazing to me that few pedal companies have managed to can this tasty tone experience in just the right way…until now.

The Marvel Drive from Ramble FX absolutely nails the chime, purr, rumble and roar of our favorite British stacks of yore. It indeed sets the new black and gold standard for the stompbox Plexi. Ramble FX even went so far as to feature a real slab of golden Plexiglas right on the face of the pedal, with period-correct knobs and a red square miniature pilot light to boot. This shows how serious they are about giving us the full authentic experience of listening with our eyes, as well as our ears.