Alexander Pedals build hand-crafted effects pedals in Garner, North Carolina.  Each Alexander Pedal is meticulously voiced and tweaked by our sonic scientists to achieve sounds that are both instantly familiar yet completely unique.

Who we are...

Alexander Pedals are designed by Matthew Farrow and a group of trusted players, builders, and friends.  Matthew has been building guitar pedals since the late 1990s, first with Pharaoh Amplifiers, and now with Disaster Area Designs.  Matthew has designed some of the most innovative effects units on the market, including some big names he's not allowed to tell you about.

Alexander Pedals was started for two reasons - to make great tones, and to do good.  The great tones part you probably have some idea about.  As for doing good, Alexander Pedals donates a portion of the profits from every pedal sold to charity.  Matthew's younger brother Alex passed away in 1987 of a form of cancer called neuroblastoma.  Alexander Pedals honors his memory by helping in the fight to end childhood cancer.

Alexander Pedals Chesapeake Stereo Chorus Vibrato



Alexander Pedals F-13 Flanger

£169.00 £199.00

Alexander Pedals Golden Summer



Alexander Pedals History Lesson Vol II

£179.00 £239.00

Alexander Pedals Jubilee Silver Overdrive


Alexander Pedals La Calavera


Alexander Pedals Litho Boost


Alexander Pedals Radical Delay


Alexander Pedals Radical Delay II Plus


Alexander Pedals Sky Fi


Alexander Pedals Sky Fi Delay


Alexander Pedals Super Radical Delay


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