Henretta Engineering Bluebird Fuzz

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The Bluebird is a fuzzstomp-box for electric guitar.

The Bluebird is a thickand warm fuzz effect pedal that will add sustain and singing harmonics to your sound.It’s housed in a tiny 2”x2” enclosure that’s sure to squeeze onto any pedalboard. The Bluebird responds well to adjustments in your guitar’s volumecontrol to provide a wide variety of sounds in an extremely easy to use pedal.

Step on the footswitch toturn the pedal on and off. The LED lights up to indicate that the fuzz circuitis active. The powered circuit is completely removed (true bypass) from yoursignal chain when the pedal is off.

The internal trimmeradjusts the output volume of the effect. There is plenty of headroom availableto push your amp if needed. In general, thicker woolier fuzz tones are createdwhen the output volume is high, and thinner 60s style fuzz tones are createdwhen the output volume is low. This trimmer has been factory set for unity gainwith the guitar volume all the way up. Some Bluebirds have a larger trimmer andothers have a smaller one. The smaller trimmers work opposite; turning counter-clockwise increases the output volume. The larger trimmers operate as you wouldexpect.


Configuration: As youlook down at the Bluebird, the LED is near the top, and the on/off footswitchis near the bottom. The input jack is on the right side, the output jack is onthe left side, and the power jack is on the left side.

Power: You can only powerthe Bluebird with an external power supply (9 VDC) with the commonly usedcenter-negative barrel connector. The maximum current draw is 10mA.

Circuit: The Bluebirdcircuit uses a TL072 dual op amp. This component is positioned in a socket toallow swapping with other op amps for sonic experimentation. Be sure to onlyswap with op amps that have the same pin configuration as the TL072. If youhave questions about acceptable replacement op amps, please contact Henretta Engineering.


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