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Mr. White is a versatile clean boost stomp- T W E A K B O O S T box with switchable EQ.


Mr. White is a signal boost pedal that will increase the volume of your guitar and push your amp into overdrive. Internal controls for output volume, bass, treble, and EQ on/off make Mr. White an extremely versatile tone sculpting tool.

Mr. White is housed in a tiny 2”x2” enclosure that’s sure to squeeze onto any pedal board. Step on the footswitch to turn the pedal on and off. The LED lights up to indicate that the circuit is active. The powered circuit is completely removed (true bypass) from your signal chain when the pedal is off.

Internal Controls

EQ ON/OFF - bank of 4 DIP switches near the left of the circuit board when the foot switch is down and the LED is up. Use the following chart to turn the EQ on and off. Switch combinations other than those shown may cause improper LED operation, excessive noise, or no signal output.

Switch 1 Switch 2 Switch 3 Switch 4






BASS CONTROL – left trimpot when the foot switch is down and the LED is up. TREBLE CONTROL – middle trimpot when the foot switch is down and the LED is up.

The bass and treble controls are only active when the DIP switches are set for EQ ON. In this mode, the amount of available volume boost is lower than when the EQ is off. If you want a transparent boost, set the switches for EQ OFF. The bass and treble controls are designed to provide a nice mid-scoop when both are boosted and a mid-hump when both are cut. Setting both EQ controls in the middle gives a flat response and is a good starting point for tweaking. Our favorite setting here at the factory is the EQ on, treble in the middle (flat), bass dropped down a touch, and volume just a touch below fully cranked for a nice high-presence solo boost.

OUTPUT VOLUME – right trimpot when the foot switch is down and the LED is up. This control sets the output volume in either EQ ON or EQ OFF mode, but there is more boost available in EQ OFF mode. Settings beyond 3:00 will created distorted sounds as the transistor becomes overloaded.


Configuration: As you look down at the front of Mr. White, the LED is near the top, and the on/off footswitch is near the bottom. The input jack is on the right side, the output jack is on the left side, and the power jack is on the left side.

Power: You can only power Mr. White with an external power supply (9 VDC) with the commonly used center- negative barrel connector. The maximum current draw is 2mA.


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