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Carlo’s desire was to create a high-quality instrument owning every step of the design and production process, he believed he could use in his advantage the Italian methodology and creative tradition embedded in his mind thanks of the many, many hours spent in the library, absorbing the knowledge of the designers of the motor and Radio Industry.

LAA Custom “Laboratorio Audio Artigianale” has the mission of developing the best quality instruments to become the voice that will carry our artist’s message.

Our attention will always be on the players, firstly by understanding the origin of the sound on each player’s mind, and then, transforming that idea into the perfect sounding device, making sure that our gear meets their expectations by supporting and enhancing our customer’s tone.

LAA Custom aims to Introduce the Italian design and craftsmanship values – that for many years have been synonymous of quality and innovation- into the music industry and claim our place in the future of music.

We aspire to be a cool source of inspiration, knowledge and innovation, to guitar players and even to other brands, in a shared effort to take your sound and musical personality to the next level at the highest quality level thinkable. LAA Custom signature sound ranges through the entire Pro Audio line, from effects to amps, mics to pickups, and anything musically imaginable. LAA Custom is set out to refine, bridge or alter the classic British and American sound, with the ambition to create a real 3rd dimension in the sound palette.