Subdecay Echobox V2 Modulated Delay


Inspired by many effects of the past, the Echobox captures sounds that straddle the line between analog and tape echos. We went back reexamining the sounds with fresh ears, and spent time listening to some of our favorite delay using artists to create our best echo pedal ever. We paid special attention to an authentic clean signal, warm repeats, and echo dynamics.

Dynamics are not a word typically associated with delay pedals. It’s an important (even if unintentional) part of the early tape echo sound and we build that into Echobox. With repeats set to near infinite it’s easy to turn the simplest phrases into a sea of echos. Dig harder into the strings and you’ll hear a very distinct echo over the top of earlier repeats. When you hit the strings even harder the repeats exude some subtle yet pleasing distortion.

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